Michael Thomas Maroney

October 31, 1959 ~ January 13, 2019 (age 59)

In lieu of flowers, the Maroney family would love everyone to remember to “pay it forward,” like Mike did, when ever you get the chance. Love yourself, and be compassionate towards others. Open a door, share a smile, be your best, kindest, most courageous and giving self. Work hard, play hard, be loyal, and be faithful. Above all, trust in God, and understand the best you can, that all things in nature are perfect. It’s all God’s plan. God bless!

Dear Mike,

I'm writing you this letter to tell you how thankful I am for you, and that you will be missed for forever and a day!!!"  Super Bowls', World Series', and March Madness, will never be the same, because on Sunday, January 13th 2019, the Lord took you home.  

I feel so blessed to have had you in my life for 33 years.  I wish it could have been longer, but God had His plan for you, and who am I to question Him.   Your mom and dad, Eleanor and James, my mom and dad, Colleen and Larry, have welcomed you with open arms.  Nicholas Ace wishes he could have talked with you more, but we showed him your wallet with his photo.  McKayla, Kavenaugh and Tarynn miss you terribly and they're insisting that you were perfect in so many ways (I'm going to talk with them about that..���).

Maryellen and David, Kathy and Bill, Jimmy and Beth, and Monica and George were all so sad to hear of your passing, but they agree you've earned your angel wings.  They miss you and all say you were a wonderful little brother, and such a gift to your family.  Your nieces and nephews Nathan and Mindy, Kaitlin and Peter , Ben and Kate, Raymond and Candace, Jason and Claire, James and Jen,  John and Tara, Meghean and Mike, have all reached out to say how much they loved you as their favorite uncle, and Cathy and Ed, Kevin, Maureen, and AnnMarie and Carl, all agree that as their brother in law you were one of a kind!

Mike, you had so many people who loved you, it's truly a testament to the man you were.  I can't tell you the number of people who have reached out to tell me how much they loved you, and how you changed, or influenced their lives in a positive, life altering way.  Again and again I hear the words Respect, Love, Faithful, Loyal, Honor, Dedicated, Intelligent, Kind, Funny, Passionate, Nonjudgemental... the list goes on... and I must add very Handsome ���
I’ve heard from friends of yours from 45 years ago, at Milford High School in Connecticut.  I’ve heard some funny and crazy stories from your college friends, and from your friends who worked with you at the health clubs.  I’ve heard, of course, from your friends back when you were a penny stock broker, and don’t even get me started about the many people at Monex.  That’s a love affair that won’t end.   Precious metals was a true calling for you, and  your 30 years with them has left a permanent mark not only on every person who worked there, but also with the many investors you’ve helped. 

Oh, I’ve even heard from kids who said that you were the best coach they’ve ever had!!! Wow... and I never thought I’d say this, but I’ll actually miss your constant coaching / yelling from the field, or on the sidelines of all the many sports that the kids were involved with over the years.  Your passion to help others in any way you could was so huge.  

Michael, my dear sweet, sometimes pain in the butt  Michael, I am so proud to have been your wife.  I am so proud to call you my husband.  How lucky am I right?!  I feel so blessed to have given birth to McKayla, Kav and Tarynn.  I see you in them, I feel you with me, and even though our lives have been transformed, I know that you will always be by our side.  

I love you now and always xo Erin.... the love of your life!

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